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UT Freight services is proud to be a leading provider of full-service customs brokerage,with experienced teams,we are able to offer your one-stop-shop for customs brokerage needs from classification, to clearance and other related services.Our standard operating processes and expertise can help make sure customs clearance and duty / tax assessment are done perfectly the first time to save both your time and costs.

UT Freight Services has talented people,wealth of resources,and all the techniques to offer optimization and renovation in customs clearance services. Our customs brokerage services can help express your goods through customs by offering :


* Comprehensive services in the Taiwan, China,Hong Kong and U.S.
* Ruling of regulations
* Duty and tax calculation
* Import and Export Management by air and ocean
* Customs bonds
* Notification of changes in duty and tax information
* Visibility of imports and exports
* Tax & Duty refund claims
* Bonded Rules & Regulations
* U.S.A. AMS & ISF system both were authorised